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  • Each forum session typically has a presenter (normally a physician, scientist or researcher) giving a 20 minute lecture on a key note subject. The floor is then opened to questions on that topic and afterward the floor is opened to any questions on any topic relating to healthy ageing and prevention of disease. During the Forum meeting we discuss all aspects of healthy ageing and longevity including conventional, alternative and complementary medicine. There is a small donation requested of £10.00 to cover refreshments and speaker travel costs.
  • The BLS offers information on all age-related diseases, problems and ailments- as described in the latest published scientific evidence.


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Upcoming Events

April 30,2013
The fixture dates* for our London based meetings are currently

1. Tuesday 29, January 2014

2. Tuesday 29, April 2014

3. Tuesday 24, June 2014

4. Tuesday 26, August 2014

5. Thursday 9, October 2014

6. Tuesday 9, December 2014

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* may be subject to change without notice