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Dr. Marios Kyriazis, the BLS medical advisor, has written the following books:

The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution

A new revolution in healthcare has begun to take place. It is the understanding that short-chain peptides, of the types found in different food groups, are recognised by the body as highly specific gene switches.

In other words, they interact with DNA to signal protein synthesis that leads to repair and care for many body tissues and glands. They are known as peptide bioregulators.

This truly has revolutionary consequences, particularly as the understanding of what specific genes in a highly specific manner, it therefore presents an incredible opportunity to use them- to bring precision into all our health regimes. At the very least peptide bioregulators represent antiaging medicine at its best; some physicians are even suggesting that using short-chain peptides could be as effective as bioidentical hormone therapies, but without their side-effects and contradictions.

The ‘peptide biomarker revolution’ will describe this topic to you, so that you can be ready to take advantage of the next wave in health, aging, and longevity.

ISBN 1999736729 (Profound) £12.50

The Eyesight Saviors

As we grow older, eye problems of all kinds begin to appear, and failing eyesight becomes a real issue for many people.

The two common and important age-related eye problems are cataract and age-related muscular degeneration (ARMD), but there are other potential problems such as glaucoma, presbyopia, etc. These have one thing in common: they are degenerative conditions caused by aging and could be due to factors such as free radicals, glycation (when sugar molecules attack our proteins and DNA, causing abnormal chemical bonds between individual molecules), and other protein or cell damage. Production of free radicals becomes uncontrolled and these affect proteins, DNA, and cells in our visual organs with a resulting failure of vision. If left untreated, that is.

Fortunately, science has made some considerable progress in clarifying the exact mechanisms leading to damage and has proposed ways by which we can minimize the progression of such damage.

ISBN (Profound) £12.50

The Cataract Cure

This book looks at different supplements that have been shown to have efficacy in the treatment of various eye-disorders, and in-particular cataract. It highlights the latest research of a Russian developed eye-drop called Can-C™ that has been clinically shown to reverse cataract and is regarded by many as a real breakthrough.

A FREE digital copy is available online at:

ISBN 0-595-34831-9 (iUniverse), £8.50

Stay Young Longer Naturally

(Previously titled The Anti-Aging Plan)

This book contains everything you need to know about ageing, including nutrition, brain exercises, complementary treatments, self-testing, anti-ageing drugs and nutrients, age-related diseases and much more.

ISBN 184333013X. (Vega), £9.95

The Look Young Bible

A book focused on maintaining healthy and young skin, with chapters on detoxing, anti-ageing remedies, cosmetics, and many others.

ISBN 057202729X (Foulsham), £9.95 (Kindle)

Carnosine and Other Elixirs of Youth

The ultimate book on the di-peptide carnosine, explaining everything there is to know about this anti-ageing nutrient.

ISBN 1842930494 (Watkins), £12.95

Anti-Aging Medicines

There are millions of people across the world, both in developed and developing countries, who are not satisfied with just treating an illness when it appears but want to take steps to prevent future diseases from affecting them.

According to current scientific thinking, chronic diseases such as stroke, dementia, arthritis, and heart disease, as well as the ageing process itself are all preventable to a degree. To satisfy the demands for new preventative medicines, the anti-ageing industry has constantly developed drugs, supplements and other remedies which may have an impact on ageing and chronic disease. Unfortunately, there are also many unscrupulous practitioners and entrepreneurs who make extravagant and misleading statements regarding the potential of these remedies. This book examines some of the most used anti-ageing drugs and supplements, aiming to analyse each one, present any supportive research and highlight the dangers, limitations, or side effects of each product. Key features include

An in-depth analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of several commonly used anti-ageing medicines. Written in a simple to understand style, yet scientifically researched and documented review of new indications of established medicines, plus introduction of certain novel chemical agents with anti-ageing potential. Suitable for both medical or health practitioners and the public, it is free from commercially driven bias, the discussion is fully independent.

ISBN 1842931474 (Watkins) £23.95

The Anti-Aging Plan

Internationally acclaimed gerontologist Dr. Mario Kyriazis’ presents the Anti-Aging Plan with its practical methods to prevent or reducing aging.

Under his expert guidance, the book reveals proven alternative treatments for aging, preventative measures, self-help exercises, and effective complementary therapies to help you look and feel younger! Incredibly thorough, Kyriazis combines twenty years of complementary and conventional medicines to create the definitive anti-aging bible!

ISBN 1862047049 (Element Books) £8.95

Challenging Aging: The Anti-Senescence Effects of Hormesis, Environmental Enrichment, and Information Exposure

Age-related degeneration may be reduced or even eliminated, by positively challenging the human being, physically or cognitively, to up-regulate somatic repair functions. Exposure to meaningful information and a challenging environment act as hormetic stressors which, in the context of an increasingly technological setting, may invoke evolutionary mechanisms that lead to a persistent maintenance of homeostasis. Thus, there is a strong link between environmental factors and ongoing health, leading to an individual’s ability to continually adapt to age related challenges. Challenging Ageing: The Anti-senescence Effects of Hormesis, Environmental Enrichment, and Information Exposure explains the role of hormesis in anti-aging processes followed by information on vitagenes, epigenetics, environmental enrichment, and germlines. The monograph also brings newer concepts and theories to the fore, such as ‘environmental enrichment’ and ‘technoculture.’ Medical professionals and general readers, alike, will gain a new perspective on the processes that counter aging in the human being.

ISBN 1681083361 (Frontiers in Aging Science) £99.95