Thursday 15th October, 2015

TBA: An opportunity to come and meet one of the speakers lecturing at the London Antiageing Conference on a hot topic!

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October 15th, 2015 the pillars of allergies in babies and adults; can we escape this programmed epidemy?

Professor John Ionescu, Ph.D., (from the Spezialklinik Neukirchen, Germany/ Donau University,Krems, Austria).

Professor Ionescu operates one of Europe’s leading dermatological centres, based in Neukirchen,near Munich. His 200-bed clinic effectively treats children and adults from some of the worst skin disorders you will ever see, including the most severe cases of psoriasis and eczema etc. Yet he does so without any steroids! His work is so greatly appreciated that even the Austrian and Swiss governments, (as well as the German) reimburse his clinic for their patients’ treatments.

Over many years of research, Professor Ionescu has reached the conclusion that ALL skin disorders are the result of toxins in the patient and/ or their allergies to foods and environmental chemicals etc. His extensive on-site laboratory evaluates the patient, recognises the problem(s) and sets out a course of lifestyle changes and natural treatments to remove the cause of the problem. The result is normal skin!

Here is your opportunity to discover more about allergies and toxins, problems that lie not only at the base of skin disorders, but indeed at the base of many health issues and problems.

March 31, 2015, Promoting healthy longevity

‘Please note that this meeting is already over-subscribed. We are sorry, but we cannot accept any more entrants. Those persons who already have confirmation emails will be allowed entrance on a name basis; however, please do not bring any additional persons along with you on the night as there is no space for them and they will be refused entry.’

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright is one of the world’s leading alternative physicians who specialises in all natural approaches to health and healing. His newsletter has over 100,000 subscribed readers and his books on numerous health subjects are too numerous to mention! He is the Medical Director of the Tahoma Clinic and Meridian Valley Laboratory in Washington State, USA and he joins us to discuss advances in ageing gracefully. His talk will cover the latest research in the field of natural substances that show promise as Geroprotectors. It will include new testing modalities and practical strategies to delay the onset of ageing.

December 9, 2014: Fulvic minerals – the missing link to health recovery

Clive de Carle is a UK based natural health researcher, broadcaster, speaker and health consultant and he will be detailing the critical mineral nutrients that the body needs to self-repair, how to recognise the signs of specific deficiencies and the most effective remedies from the many choices out there.

The new technique of natural Fulvic mineral extraction will be discussed as the trace elements in Fulvic minerals are for many the missing link to health recovery and this new technique transforms this already incredible material to a new level. Clive will discuss how to determine which Fulvic materials work best and how to use them.

In addition, Clive has also been on the WTT Ebola panel speaking to African nations about natural ways to overcome the problem and will discuss the current situation and clarify exactly how to stay healthy no matter what.

October 9, 2014, hypothyroidism- the underdiagnosed epidemic

For those of you who have read Dr. Broda Barnes book- hypothyroidism the underdiagnosed epidemic- you will be delighted to learn that Dr. Wilkinson was his pupil who continues his work and will be talking to us on the same subject. Dr Barnes estimated that 40% of adults suffer with some level of hypothyroidism yet are unaware that their fatigue, cold hands and feet, poor memory, depression, sleeplessness and general listlessness are directly related to their poor thyroid condition. The way that thyroid conditions are treated in the UK and many other countries is so far behind the times it’s almost unbelievable! The focus appears to be on only prescribing one thyroid hormone- typically T4, yet as Dr Wilkinson will outline, what about the others? What difference do they make when they are all given together, especially as a ‘natural’ thyroid?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from a master on how to measure and correct your thyroid- not just with lab tests, but with physical examinations too. Many people ‘feel themselves’ again when they understand how to help their thyroid through diet, nutrition and if necessary the correct balance of hormones.

August 26, 2014, improving mitochondrial condition via cell symbiosis

Gillian Crowther is a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist. She specialises in complex multisystem disorders, and finds that her core focus – mitochondrial dysfunction – underlies much of today’s chronic disease. Gillian studied complementary therapy in Germany for many years before completing her training in the UK, and is also a proficient and highly qualified translator and editor. She has been a senior member of AONM since 2010, and helps coordinate the Academy’s events and outreach.

Gillian will talk on "Cell Symbiosis" and how to improve your mitochondrial function for a healthier, fitter and more energy focused you.

June 24, 2104: Live longer, live younger

Dr Rajendra Sharma who brings together traditional,recognised and pioneering approaches to healthy ageing in a presentation summarising the 10 chapters in his latest book ‘Live longer Live younger’. He provides an overview of the current theories of ageing and updates us on the evidence of diet, lifestyle and exercise with regards to maintaining health as we age.

The talk will explain the best way to screen and monitor our bodies based on his opinion 'we are as old as our oldest part'. He illustrates specific therapeutic approaches, both naturopathic and conventional, that can be used to avoid age related health conditions affecting organs and systems.

April 29, 2014: The anti-ageing benefits of high Ph water

Michael Adams in the founder of Innovation Ltd. and has devoted 40-years of his life to researching and improving water conditions. Working alongside many elite sportsmen and sports clubs he has developed methods to remove numerous contaminants in water, including oestrogens.

This lecture will look at the need to purify water, how it can be done and the health benefits it brings when pure, high Ph water is drunk every day.

January 28, 2014: What governs longevity?

Phil Micans, the Editor of Aging Matters™ magazine and assistant Editor of the Lifespan Medicine™ Journal asks the question- what governs longevity?

To help answer it he looks at the statistics regarding locations of the longest lived people and also what are the world’s longest lived flora and fauna.

Exceptional examples of human ageing including Progeria, Werner syndrome and Syndrome X are also discussed. There will also be an overview of the modern theories of ageing, and in addition the types of approaches that can be used for each to help adjust those theories into our favour for optimal healthspans will be noted.

November 26, 2013: Myth busting the 'dangers' of cholesterol

Dr. Nyjon Eccles asks what is the real difference between the so-called 'bad' cholesterol and 'good' cholesterol? Are there any other forms of cholesterol we should be concerned about? Are there 'bad' cholesterols in food?

What is cholesterol? Why is it important in the body? Why do ratios change as we age? What are the side effects of statins? What can protect us against those side effects? Are there any natural or lifestyle choices that can aid our cholesterol levels and help us to avoid statins in the first place?

It's a great opportunity to find out the facts as Dr Eccles myth busts the 'dangers' of cholesterol.

October 29, 2013: The implications of increasing lifespans upon society

This is a special meeting to be held at the House of Commons, Westminster. The aim of the meeting is to inform people of the current and future technological developments which may lead to a dramatically extended lifespan, with many more people living for much longer. So society as a whole needs to develop strategies for dealing with this. There will be presentations and discussion on the basic biology of ageing and how developments may lead to an increasing lifespan, as well as discussions about the ethics and social impact of life extension.

In the audience there will be politicians who would be able to discuss and comment. In addition, we will use the meeting as a platform to discuss the matter further with other politicians at a later stage and hopefully increase awareness in this subject.

Participants include: The Rt Hon Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support, Prof Dame Linda Partridge, University College London, Dr Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford and Moderator: Stella Kyriazis, British Longevity Society.

September 19, 2013: Energy medicine, the role of electro-magnetic fields, light and hydrogen

Garry Gordon, M.D., is ‘the father of chelation’ and a world renowned detox expert. Located in Arizona he has a wealth of experience from running one of the world’s largest labs, to helping over 1,000,000 patients with this therapies through a network of 3000+ health professionals.

Dr. Gordon will be using his great energy to discuss how the emerging science of pulsed electronic fields (PEMF) and lasers are aiding health. Both magnetism and light are used by the body’s cells and a wealth of evidence is now highlighting their wide range of benefits, from increasing wound healing and joint repair to senile dementias. This added to new understandings of our energy processes with the role of hydrogen and alkalinity and why this may be a key factor in the control of cancer.

Dr. Gordon will be discussing these topics in detail. Furthermore, if there is time, he will also highlight the unique herb from Thailand called Pueraria Mirifica, which not only provides real relief for women on HRT, but also has been recently found to extend telomeres.

Dr Gordon will therefore explain the ramifications of these findings. This is a unique opportunity to meet one of the world’s antiageing experts, don’t miss out!

July 30, 2013: Our ancient past programmed us for a long life and lived in good shape to the end.(How it went wrong, why we get diseases like cancer & heart disease, and what we can do about it)

Geoff Bond, M.Sc. M.I.C.E., M.I.L., M.I.T.I,graduated with honours in applied sciences from London University, and completed post graduate professional qualifications in 1968. Geoff spent his early career living and working in remote African villages, where he widened his earlier studies in anthropology, biochemistry and evolutionary human development. An independent researcher for more than 20 years, Geoff has stayed at the cutting edge of this new science of evolutionary lifestyle anthropology. From his insights on human origins and our ancient nutritional heritage, Geoff has become a recognized authority on what it means to be human in lifestyle terms. He explains how we know these things, what is going wrong today and what we can do about it.

May 21, 2013: Mercury amalgams- what's all the fuss about?

Dr. Brian Halvorsen, Britain's leading holistic dentist explains how to safely remove a mercury amalgam and what foods and supplements will help release mercury from the tissues and excrete them.

Given the high toxicity of mercury and the many debilitating disorders it can cause, combined with the UN's decree that mercury levels must be reduced in humans and removed from amalgams, means that this subject is about to become very hot indeed.

November 27, 2012: The effects of stress on your cardiovascular health

Dr. Dorian Dugmore has extensively studied the effects of stress on the heart and is an expert in the field of corporate and sports medicine.

In this lecture, Dr Dugmore will reveal the long term damage caused by stress on cardiovascular health and how it can be avoided.

September 20, 2012: How growth hormone (and its analogues) can counteract the effects of ageing

Dr. Richard Walker is the Editor of the ‘Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging’; plus he is also the founder of SARA (Society for the Applied Research in Aging).

In addition, he is a world expert in growth hormone (and its analogues) and at this meeting he will be presenting some of the very latest information, as well as his latest paper on the ‘cause of ageing.’

We’re lucky to have him in the UK (he’s here to attend the London Antiageing Conference that weekend- more details below), so don’t miss your opportunity to listen and talk to this world expert.

June 19, 2012: This house wants to defeat ageing entirely!

This month’s BLS lecture is a little different to the norm. Rather than a specific speaker at the meeting we shall be watching the recent Oxford University debate between Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Professor Blakemore.

Dr. de Grey makes his points why ageing and its degenerative diseases must be defeated and outlines how this will change society for the better, and Professor Blakemore argues against it.

After the 1 hour film, BLS members can debate their points of view and vote themselves in favour or against the motion. Afterward we shall see how the hundreds of students and staff there at the live meeting voted too.

March 27, 2012 ‘the need for antiageing medicine’

Phil Micans, MS, PharmB has been the Vice President of International Antiaging Systems for more than 20-years and IAS are widely recognised as the world’s largest pharmacy specialising in preventative medicine.

Phil himself has been responsible for research and development to help recognise the forthcoming developments in the field and works closely with many medical professionals in the application of the technologies and publication of research papers and books etc.

Currently Phil is the Editor of the Aging Matters™ magazine and also co-Editor of the Lifespan Medicine™ magazine with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe. He also helps Dr. Walter Pierpaoli organise the Stromboli conference on aging and cancer as is involved in the London Antiageing Conference. Indeed, Phil works alongside Dr. Marios Kyriazis to run the British Longevity Society.

In this lecture Phil hopes to not only inject a bit of fun, but to spark a lively debate on ‘what are we going to do with all the old people!’ Society is changing and Phil will outline the population demographics and costs as society ages. The problem is imminent and will require many changes and Phil proposes that preventative/ antiageing medicine is at least one answer to ensure that the ‘elderly’ population remains healthy, lucid and agile.

Time permitting, we may even be able to conduct a ‘Dr. Braverman’ questionnaire to test which of your neurotransmitters are dominant!

January 31, 2012 ‘Holistic approaches to defeating chronic inflammation and improving immune modulation’

Jayney Goddard is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. She was recently awarded the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Expo Award for Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine.

She has a busy practice in London where she works uses a range of complementary medical approaches with her patients, including homeopathy, psychotherapy and hypno-analysis.

Editor of ‘With Our Complements’, the journal of The Complementary Medical Association she is a high-profile contributor to print and broadcast media, plus she is also the complementary medical expert for various newspapers and magazines and is a regular guest on television and radio when expert opinion is required on any aspect of complementary medicine and natural health care. For example, Jayney is the Discovery Channel's complementary medicine expert who provided all the complementary medical content for the Granada/Boots PLC joint venture ‘The Wellbeing Channel.’

In this talk Jayney will examine how chronic inflammation can be beaten with a holistic approach and as we know, inflammation is at the route of many diseases and disorders- not least of which is arthritis. In addition, the subject of how to improve your immune system will also be raised.

September 22, 2011 ‘detox and chelation, overcoming your body burdens’

Gary Gordon MDDr. Gordon is considered to be the ‘father of chelation’ and today has established the concept of the ‘body burdens’ which encompasses the toxic chemical soup that is modern life. Examples include the estrogenic materials from plastics and contaminants in the municipal water supply, mercury from dental practices and coal burning, and other air carried heavy metal factors (primarily caused in the production of electric) such as lead, arsenic and cadmium etc. On top of these there are of course the wide range of infections from yeasts, bacteria, flukes and viruses etc., hence it’s not ‘just’ infections, but a mass of ‘body burdens.’ This lecture will look into the issues of how these body burdens accumulate, where they cause problems, how they can be measured and perhaps most importantly of all, how you can rid yourself of them.

July 26, 2011 ‘how to get your life back’

Oldershaw and Elaine Wilkins are two remarkable ladies who have an amazing story to tell. Their lives had been afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome, ME and fibromyalgia. They’ll tell you how debilitating that is, they’ll tell you the few choices they were offered and how ineffective they were, they’ll tell you how they discovered the alternative and complimentary approaches and how they faced all kinds of adversities, but that in the end they overcame their problems and how today they live normal lives. It’s a ‘been there, done that and got the T-shirt journey’ that you won’t want to miss!

May 24, 2011 ‘GH3, 50-years on’

Dr. Christopher HertzogDr. Christopher Hertzog has a medicine degree from Cambridge and studied law at the ‘Inns of Court’ in London. He is a Director of Mediline International PLC, an organisation specialising in anti-ageing and anti-cancer treatments. His subject on the evening is regarding GH3 (also known as Gerovital), which was perhaps the world’s first specific anti-ageing treatment, developed as it was by Ana Aslan of Romania in the 1960’s. Dr. Hertzog worked alongside Professor Aslan for a time and is therefore very familiar with the technology and he will explain why it has such a wide range of efficacious uses and why it is still valid today. Dr. Hertzog intends to expand the subject into the issues of CODEX and the development of health tourism in countries such as Thailand.

March 29, 2011 ‘The importance of antiageing/ preventative medicine’

Heather BirdHeather Bird will tell us all why antiageing medicine is so important to her and why she has become one of the great patrons in the field. Not just in terms of sponsoring and operating her clinics and her conferences, but why she travels all over the world spreading the word and helping to co-ordinate international efforts to convince the ‘powers that be’ that a change in the way medicine and health is both thought about and conducted is necessary.

January 25, 2011 ‘Human biological immortality’

Dr. KyriazisDr. Kyriazis will discuss human evolution, brain development, cutting-edge developments in biomedicine, DNA changes, hormesis and how all of these fit together suggesting that further interventions for increasing lifespan dramatically are possible.

Beyond the biochemical possibilities the lecture will also look at the social and historical implications and ask if we ever think that immortality is possible, or for that matter warranted or beneficial! It’s bound to be a lively discussion afterward, one that even among BLS members will see many varied points of view.

December 6, 2010 ‘Great teeth for life’

Heather BirdDr. Brian Halvorsen is one of the UK’s leading dentists interested in giving his patients the very best, ensuring that as few metals are used as possible and steering his patients onto diets, lifestyle and supplement choices that help them to chelate (remove) the toxins associated in dentistry and to ensure that they not only have a healthy mouth, but a healthy body and mind too.

Dr. Halvorsen will be discussing the best approaches, even from the point of conception, through childhood and adulthood to ensure that we all have the best possible conditions for healthy teeth, gums, all in all, to maintain great teeth for life.

September 12, 2010 “The wonders of TRH and the concept of the ageless man”

Dr. PierpaoliDr. Pierpaoli is one of the world’s leading lights in pursuing the goals of antiageing and preventative medicine. He is both a medical doctor who sees patients, and also performs human and animal trials from his research institute in Switzerland.

He has perhaps best become famous through his work highlighting the beneficial and unique effects of melatonin.

Now on the evening of Sunday 12th September, Dr. Pierpaoli is going to highlight a brand new subject- the effects of thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH), a hypothalamic hormone that appears to have a significant anti-cancer, anti-ageing and weight loss effects.

Dr. Pierpaoli also wants to discuss his concept of the ageless man, so all in all this is an evening not to be missed!

July 26, 2010 “How to Reclaim Your Youthful Physique”

Tim BeanTim Bean is the authors of their newly-released book, “Turn Back Your Age Clock” and is amongst the foremost physique expert and corporate wellness consultant in the UK today! The subject title at the next BLS meeting is: How to Reclaim Your Youthful Physique.

Those interested and familiar with advances in anti-ageing medicine, natural nutrition and bio-identical therapies already know there are a wealth of strategies available to support a longer, healthier lifestyle at a cellular, hormonal and chemical level within the body.

But less widely known are the simple, but powerful, protocols around exercise and physical conditioning that can keep our physiques in a functional, youthful state and allow us to stay mechanically fit and active well beyond our 1st century.

In this fact-filled presentation Tim uncovers the closely-guarded secrets of the world’s top personal trainers and reveals his personal pick-list of easy, practical exercises EVERYONE should be doing to prevent weight-gain, postural collapse and physical degeneration as we age.

May 24, 2010 “how to live more right now!”

Peter PurePeter Pure’s practice is educating his clients in how to massively boost their health and performance levels, by using little known natural health techniques. He works with a broad spectrum of people, from those with major health calamities, to star athletes. The topics that will be covered in the evening will include:

  • How to improve eyesight with natural health techniques.
  • How to turn grey hair back to its original pigment.
  • How to get 3 to 5 more hours of energy every day.
  • How to boost your brain power.
  • How to grow fillings and even parts of teeth back.
  • How to extend the human life span through cutting edge natural health principals such as sun gazing, stem cell inducing algae’s, and everyone’s favourite: chocolate!

Peter has a unique 3-step philosophy of longevity:

  • Don’t die! Ensure you don’t get diseases by using time proven strategies of natural health.
  • Improve your experience of life – use cutting edge natural health techniques.
  • Live a lot longer – by any means possible!

Peter will be sharing his 20 categories of what to put in your body for optimal health, and 25 categories of what to take out of your body for optimal health.

March 29, 2010 “will an immune system that has fewer infections slow the ageing process?”

Professor Paul Clayton asks a very significant question- is the role played by the immune system causing us to age, or is this the wrong way to approach the subject? Should we consider the effect that our ageing process has on the efficacy and energy levels in the immune system?

On the other hand, there is no question now that infections are once again becoming major causes of illness and death. They adversely affect the overall functions of our bodies in ways known to accelerate ageing; so, theoretically, the right antibiotics, correctly used, should help keep us young. But synthetic antibiotics are not only non-specific (i.e. they damage populations of 'healthy' bacteria as well as pathogens), but they are also becoming increasingly ineffective due to increasing problems of resistance. Many also have intrinsic toxicity for humans.

Therefore, will a ‘revolutionary new’ molecule called oxythiocyanates outshine antibiotics and offer a route to anti-ageing?

January 25, 2010 “Are governments helping or hindering our ability to live longer, healthier lives?”

Robert Verkerk PhD will initially examine some of the most important factors contributing to the deterioration of health and quality of life in modern societies. He will then look at how various sectors of the healthcare system deal with these issues and show the crucial role played by the global natural products industry. Dr Verkerk will reveal some of the biggest constraints to the ongoing supply of efficacious natural products, focusing particularly on the situation in Europe and North America, as well as the role of governments and international agencies.

He will conclude by looking at what can be done by individuals, companies and other organisations to offset these challenges and help create a more sustainable, healthier future.

Don’t miss this one, it’s about the choices you will face for your health, or indeed the choices you will not be able to make! The Alliance of Natural Health led by Dr. Verkerk does sterling work to expose the facts and make changes that benefit us all- find out the facts for yourself and what you can do to make sure that you and your family have real choices that matter to your health.

December 7, 2009 “cutting edge methods and therapies to extend lifespan and health through calorie restriction mimetics”

This is an evening with one of Britain’s former antiageing physicians and founder of the BLS. Dr. Kyriazis will be discussing the latest thinking about how to increase one’s lifespan and one’s Healthspan, in other words not only living longer, but living healthier too.

The interesting key to this is through what is known as “calorie restriction mimetics.” In other words agents that can be used to “trick” the body that it is being starved, even when it is not! Calorie restriction is recognised as a method of life extension, but clearly always being hungry is not very pleasant, so Dr. Kyriazis introduces those agents and procedures that are scientifically recognised to stimulate the effects of calorie restriction inside the body.

Dr. Kyriazis intends to discuss both recently published and even yet-to-be published information too! So this really is an opportunity to be on the cutting-edge.

September 12, 2009 “the physical attributes of hormone deficiencies” and “oxytocin- the love hormone” by Thierry Hertoghe, M.D.

A remarkable opportunity to be in the presence of one of Europe’s leading endocrinologists and one of the world’s leading antiageing physicians- Dr. Hertoghe from Belgium.

Many of you probably already know of Dr. Hertoghe through his books, some of the best sellers in their field include “the hormone solution” the “patient hormone handbook” and for professionals “the physician hormone handbook.” There are probably no better A-Z guides on how to recognize hormone related problems and how to fix them available today.

At this BLS meeting Dr. Hertoghe will show some remarkable hormone deficiency pictures and relate them to ageing, furthermore participants will learn something about the forgotten art of how to recognize hormone deficiencies from physical attributes.

In addition, Dr. Hertoghe is also expected to talk about oxytocin- the love hormone and its relation to bonding, relationships, orgasms and sex. This is a hot topic that preludes the release of his new book about oxytocin, so it’s an opportunity to discover for yourself the latest thinking- even before it is released!

July 21, 2009 “the loss of rights of access to food supplements” by Phil Hawes

One of the UK’s leading advocates and pursuers of individuals’ rights of access to nutrition and food supplements, Phil Hawes will be informing us of how changes in laws are affecting our rights of access to essential nutritional supplements, restricting our possibilities and increasing the need for the prescription of drugs; topics will include:

  • How the implementation of EU and other (CODEX) laws are affecting our choices to stay healthy.
  • What that means in terms of maintaining health and wellness.
  • Who is behind these changes and why are they really trying to force them upon us?
  • Some examples of how restrictions are affecting people’s health.
  • Why if all the restrictions are imposed on natural substances, how that will force many more peoples’.
  • reliance onto drugs and what the implications for society’s health would then be.
  • What we can do about preventing loss of access and how we can all become involved in helping ourselves not being stream rolled flat!

May 27, 2009 “How to feed a 21st century primate” by Martin Hum

One of the UK’s leading nutritionists, Martin Hum will be looking into that well known adage that “we are what we eat.” Specific areas for discussion include:

  • The diet of our pre-human ancestors – how this was determined by climate and environment and how it determined our physical and physiological evolution
  • Early human hunter-gatherers and what we know about their diets; how the discovery of cooking changed man’s nutritional status
  • Agriculture – why it started and how it changed our diet, nutrition and health.
  • Industrialisation and food processing – what further changes in our diet have they brought?
  • How far has 21st Century man diverged from the kind of diet he evolved to eat?
  • How can we eat more like hunter-gatherers in 21st Century western society and how can this benefit our health and longevity?

April 27, 2009 “Mammal studies that have shown dramatic extensions of longevity, their relationship and implications for humans” by Phil Micans

Phil Micans is the Vice President of International Antiaging Systems, an organisation that for 20-years has dedicated itself to the dissemination of information and materials that are pertinent to antiageing and preventative medicine. In this talk Phil will look at several substances and studies that have shown very significant and positive impacts on animal longevity and behaviour in latter life. He will attempt to bridge these results into a common factor and intimate the possibilities for humans. Furthermore, Phil will be highlighting his favourite books on antiageing/ longevity subjects so that interested listeners can obtain their own copies and learn more.

March 30, 2009 “Measuring biological age and its implications for preventative, holistic medicine” by Greg Hayman

Greg Hayman, the CEO of I-M Health will discuss the creation of a software biological age measurement tool which is based on scientific knowledge and clinical records. Biological age can now be used to ascertain a patient’s biological age and state of health (rather than a state of sickness).

Through a powerful graphical demonstration, a representation of the current biological age results gives the ability to monitor overall health and thus facilities prevention of diseases by the treatment of biological age change, all from a true Holistic viewpoint.

A new way of looking at the diagnosis and monitoring of a patient’s wellbeing will also be discussed, as well as the myth of overall biological age and the real science behind biological age calculation.

February 23, 2009 “Maintaining Sexual Function in Later Life” by Dr. Mike Perring

Dr. Perring has developed the concept and practice of Optimal Health over the last fifteen years. His caring and considered approach to optimizing health is based on wide and varied experience and the conviction that preventative disciplines are the key to an extended active life-span.

Dr Perring is registered as a psychotherapist and is accredited by the British Association of Sexual and Marital Therapists, of which he is a founder member. He trained as an Integrated Psychotherapist at the Metanoia Institute and completed post-diploma training at the Tavistock Clinic, London. He is a member of the Gender Recognition Panel.

17 November 2008 - the natural remedies for cancer

Dr. Nyjon Eccles talking about the natural remedies for cancer.Dr. Eccles has been a strong proponent for the early detection of cancer from his Harley Street clinic and specializes in thermo photography in breast cancers.

His wide ranging experience with natural substances and their role in both cancer treatment and prevention will be explained and will include various forms of cancer including breast and prostate.

This is an opportunity to hear the latest thinking about the big C and to ask your own pertinent questions to an expert in the field on how to defeat the most feared disease today.

October 27, 2008 “the theories of ageing” by Marios Kyriazis, M.D.

Dr. Kyriazis explained some of the proposed theories as to why and how we age. Dr. Kyriazis looked into some of the more popular and agreed examples and explain why these have come about and how they affect our ageing.

It was agreed that without an agreed principle we do not have an agreed treatment/ therapy program! Because whilst many antiageing meetings discuss top-up and repair therapies such as hormone replacement, they don’t help to explain the causes behind the problems, and Dr. Kyriazis also discussed some of the better programs to address the theories of ageing too.

The theories of ageing are not a trivial event because ageing is responsible for the vast majority of degenerative disease and degenerative diseases, apart from being the most debilitating for both the individuals concerned and their families and friends are responsible for between 75 and 90% of the cost in health care today.

There was a lively debate with many questions asked.

July 28, 2008 “how to be dentally fit” by Brian Halvorsen BDS

Dr. Brian Halvorsen, one of Britain’s foremost dentists informed us about how to stay dentally fit. Dr. Halvorsen looked at the perspective of healthy gums and teeth, but also how dental practices, particularly the use of metals in the mouth, can affect the rest of the body.

Dr. Halvorsen made people aware that mercury is the third most toxic substance known, and yet its use in dentistry (and leeching from industrial practices) is allowed to continue, despite countries like Norway banning it on health grounds.

Dr. Halvorsen explained that even the relatively small microgram amounts in an amalgam can kill millions of neurons, as each microgram has literally billions of atoms, and the work of the University of Calgary has shown that one atom can kill one neuron, the work of Boyd Hailey has also associated mercury with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Halvorsen not only highlighted these links but also discussed methods (beyond extraction) of how to reduce and avoid the pitfalls of modern dentistry. These included substances such as EDTA, DMSA, allicin and selenium and he described what he used in his own practice and how his patients (including his accountant) have benefitted from having these heavy metals and toxic body burdens removed from them. We are looking forward to the release of Dr. Halvorsen’s book “staying dentally fit” later this year.

June 2, 2008; “staying 40” presented by Richard Lippman, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Lippman, a world expert in free radical scavengers and nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine spoke about multiple, comprehensive anti-ageing interventions.

Dr. Richard Lippman presented data from published studies and his own clinical and personal experiences about how different products and protocols can help to slow and reverse various aspects of ageing, aspects as identified by the theories of ageing including the free radical, glycation and neuroendocrine.

Some of the highlights of his lecture showed how excessive aerobic exercise can rapidly age an individual, particularly their looks and why it was necessary to prevent free radical production with potent antioxidants such as BHT, glutathione, n-acetylcysteine and others.

Dr. Lippman also highlighted potent anti-glycators such as aminoguanidine and their role in slowing down the ageing process. After 2-years of dedicated research Dr. Lippman hopes to publish his new book, “stay 40” this year.

April 28, 2008 “the cataract cure” by Marios Kyriazis, M.D.

Dr. Marios Kyriazis lecture is titled; “Protecting the ageing eye and maintaining vision into old age.” Dr. Kyriazis will be presenting data on natural substances that have been shown to improve and even repair vision for adults, including the recent Russian development of an eye-drop that appears to reverse conditions of cataract.
The evening will be informal and after a 20-30 minute lecture the floor will be open, giving you the opportunity to ask questions to expert(s).
Light refreshments will be available as well as a chance to network with likeminded individuals and professionals.

October 30, 2007 “the latest antiageing thinking” by Jonathan Wright, M.D.

Speaking at our first reconvened meeting was the bestselling author and world renowned hormone expert, Jonathan Wright M.D. from Washington State, USA.

For those who don't know, Dr Wright has been practising bio-identical and natural medicine for 35 years and his clinic in Tahoma near Seattle is world famous.

His newsletter Nutrition and Healing, reaches more than 100,000 people worldwide and he also advises and educates thousands of physicians through his US based seminars.

Dr. Wright lectured about the latest thinking in antiageing medicine and transfixed the capacity audience with details of BEC5 skin cream and how it has reversed non melanoma skin cancers in more than 80,000 patients, as well as how lithium is a superb protectorate against dementias; (in particular Alzheimer’s). He also outlined another amazing piece of information, the apparent ability of the hormone aldosterone to improve hearing in many patients when it is administered.

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