The following organisations help support the BLS through donations and other methods, their products and services are related to antiageing medicine and therefore we recommend that you review their websites further.

Discover the world's latest commercially available cutting-edge supplements at antiageing nutrition.
Click here for further information on Antiageing Nutrition.

The London Antiageing Conference takes place every September. Itís Britainís premier antiaging meeting attracting the leading health professionals, not only from the UK and Europe, but from all around the world.
Click here for further information on The London Antiageing Conference

Can-C is the trade name of the new eye-drop that is giving hope to millions with senile cataract; discover more about this remarkable product here.
Click here for further information on Can-C

www.antiaging-systems.com IAS is the worldís largest supplier of specialist medicines, hormones and nutrition. With more than 17-years of experience behind them, you can contact the experts in preventative medicine.
Click here for further information on Antiaging-Systems.com

No one today has done more to research and explain the remarkable properties of melatonin than Dr. Walter Pierpaoli.
Click here for further information on Melatonin Zn-Se

A prescription for life; HB Health is Londonís premier antiageing centre offering both medical and aesthetic services.
Click here for further information on HB Health

Click here for further information on MacKenzie Protocol

What's your biological age and how old are you on the inside? Bio-Exams has clinically proven diagnostics to measure your arterial stiffness, blood pressure and heart rate, blood oxygenation levels and lung capacity. All results are shown with standard measures and a biological age; thus you can see how well you are and how well your current lifestyle suits you.
Click here for further information on Bio Exams.

Maximum Life Foundation
Accelerating Progress in Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine Research and Key Strategies for Aging Research to Stop Getting Older and Extend Your Lifespan.
Click here for further information on Maximum Life Foundation

www.nnpcto.ru The goal of the National Research and Production Center of Rejuvenation Technology,(NNPCTO) is the implementation and dissemination of the latest scientific achievements in the processes of rejuvenation and prolongation of life. NNPCTO has a research department and its own production facilities to ensure top quality throughout all stages of production. The products of NNPCTO help people to feel and be young, they promote health and enable an active longevity. The extensive range includes biologically active food supplements, nutrition, herbal teas, medical cosmetics, food and household goods.
Click here for further information on National Research and Production Center of Rejuvenation Technology (NNPCTO)

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