Welcome to the British Longevity Society (BLS), a non-profit society founded in 1992 created for people who want to live a longer, healthier life.

"Everybody wants to live long, but not to be old." Johnathan Swift 1667-1745

DoctorThe constitution of the BLS is the aim to; “further public education on issues connected with the means for counteracting the processes, causes and effects of ageing.” The BLS is independent of commercial interests and is not accountable to any profit-making industrial/commercial organization. Its medical advisor to the BLS is Dr. Marios Kyriazis MD, MSc (Gerontology), Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (Royal College of Physicians), MIBiol, CBiol.


Nature has given us the ability to live a healthy and productive life until the age of 120 years, but very few people reach this age in good health, mainly because their lifestyle increases the chances of early ageing and disease. However, it is possible to reduce our chances of disability in later life by making some sensible changes to our way of living.

The BLS highlights the advances in antiageing medicine to help prevent diseases and disorders to improve everyone’s optimal health span.

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Regular meetings in London

Are you interested in meeting with likeminded people and listening to the health professionals who are making a real difference to health and wellness today?

If so, then you need to attend the BLS meetings which are held regularly in London. Thye normally comprise of a leading light giving a 30-minute lecture followed by an open question panel from the audience, there is often a free hour to mingle and network with all the crowd. This is a great opportunity to learn what’s happening and to ask your own pertinent questions

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Supporting The BLS

The British Longevity Society is entirely dependent upon public support to continue its mission of educating society about the emerging technologies and research pointing the way to healthier longer lives. If you would like to support the BLS there is a number of ways you can get involved, from attending the meetings, becoming a member or just making a straight donation through PayPal. If you are a company or professional and wish to support the BLS’s work there are also packages available with greater benefits. See details of all the packages and make your donation here.

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Please support the BLS; help us keep getting the message out about innovative evidence based health factors that are not known in mainstream medicine, also find the types of products and protocols we are highlighting at these leading organisations.

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Upcoming Events

April 30,2013
The fixture dates* for our London based meetings are currently

1. Tuesday 29, January 2014

2. Tuesday 29, April 2014

3. Tuesday 24, June 2014

4. Tuesday 26, August 2014

5. Thursday 9, October 2014

6. Tuesday 9, December 2014

7. Tuesday 31, March 2015

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* may be subject to change without notice